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List of the largest brokerage firms in the Russian currency market, you can select the most suitable option to trade forex. The most important indicator of the reliability of forex broker is the sum of its assets, so this factor speaks about its credibility traders. Therefore, it is important to work with the best companies on the international financial market. Working with a majo

Dealing centers providing services for trading on an exchange cause concern for many traders, the safer option is forex bank, in this case dealing organizes specially designed units of one of the major banks. Forex bank - has several advantages and some disadvantages that should be considered when choosing the bank through which you will trade on an exchange. One of the most suita

Trading strategy for scalping system is a rapid opening and closing deals. Which is produced in just a few seconds (minutes). Typically such trade takes place with lots of lots and requires more attention from the trader. Scalping is one of the new strategies and gives quite a load on the terminal, so many forex brokerage companies are so reluctant to allow trade on the chosen strategy, they

Choosing a broker is pretty important because it affects your financial position and success in trading in the foreign exchange market, and through the proper selection can solve half the cases, the second half will depend on your skill and luck. Answering the question of how to choose a forex broker should consider several critical moments, and only then evaluate one broker. Choosing a f

This article presents the most reliable forex brokers, list is compiled on the basis of personal experience traders and positive reviews on the Internet. Each of these companies provides trading conditions are quite different, so you should only choose the most suitable conditions for you. Alpari - it is with this broker, I would like to start your list, since he works with many of my friends.

ECN broker - allows to trade in the foreign exchange market forex without interference from, trade based on the principle that order offered finds himself opposite a request to buy or sell, which allows to eliminate the factor of external interference. At its core is a large inner court, which organizes several major banks and companies, this approach to the organization of trade almost completely

Community Commission in forex trading is always the spread, that its value affects the commission charged by the broker when dealing conduct. In order to reduce the size of the spread to a minimum is better to use a broker providing the opportunity to trade with floating spread. At the moment, more and more companies are switching to such a scheme work, which can significantly extend the sele

Top brokers forex market - an independent overview of the rating companies represented on the foreign exchange market with existing advantages and disadvantages. Quite a lot of people doing the first steps in the market forex, faced with the challenge of choosing a broker, it is from this step depends on many factors such as reliability, speed of work, timely technical support and terms of

Russian brokers - brokers have registered on the territory of Russia and operating in accordance with its law. Opening accounts in such firms has its own advantages and disadvantages that every trader needs to know, and after making a conscious choice in favor of a DC. Advantage of the following should be noted - the opportunity to get an income statement for obtaining a bank loan, high r

There are plenty of risks in forex trading, because of which you can lose your money, but one of the main risk was and remains the choice of broker. Brokerage recently appeared just like mushrooms field rain at stoppage, offering fabulous trading conditions and huge bonuses for funding the account. As a rule, at first you do not feel troubled moments, troubles start after a few weeks of tra

The most reliable forex broker reviews and independent assessments of traders subject to the personal trading experience found, want to know who they have become, read the article to the end. It is now quite difficult to choose the present reliable broker for trading on an exchange, the majority of firms providing similar services in the best case are the usual intermediaries and at worst

Besides the standard currency pairs metatrader trading terminal has the ability to trade and precious metals such as silver, gold, platinum, palladium and others. In practice, especially trade is no different from working with currency. Quoted metals recorded as a pair of the second component, which acts dollar. This option trading technically has no special differences from trading currency pairs, this

Choosing forex broker rather laborious affair, it is one of the factors that affect successful trade, so approach this matter should take special responsibility, even if you decide to start trading with a small amount of funds. When you make a mistake at best, take the time to check in, which sometimes takes a few hours, as should send scanned documents and have signed the contract. So qua

In the foreign exchange market has many different nuances that can only learn realizing the real trade. But since Riskov for the novice trader is quite large, you can try to first open an account with Forex Cent. An interesting feature of working with these types of accounts is that here as the unit of currency used pennies. Cent account for forex in the amount of $ 1 is equal to 100 cen

Spread broker plays a pretty big role when trading scalping strategy, as is the opening of a large number of transactions, and if paying by 5-7 points with one transaction per day accumulates a pretty decent amount of money. For ordinary trade is also not less important value spread, the minimum size enables faster to close the deal with a profit. The following table lists fixed and floa

Make a choice forex broker is quite difficult, but he passed this way can give you some tips and advice to beginners, it will save you a lot of time and effort. So the correct choice depends on your first impression of the market forex, bad first experience can do to discourage trade. Choosing a forex broker is extremely important step, especially after the recent bankruptcy of some fairly la

Get a bonus when opening an account is pretty attractive opportunity to increase his initial deposit, this article focuses on one of such shares, which are held the famous Russian forex broker. But the essence of the proposal is much broader. In order to get forex bonus of $ 100, you should fulfill several conditions. 1. Register online brokerage FOREX MMCIS group.

Get no deposit bonus forex wants any novice trader on an exchange, it gives you the opportunity to try their hand at trading on a live account, without much risk. The amount of bonus funds are not quite large and tend to derive them should implement a certain amount of trading, only then you can withdraw the bonus and earnings. Brokers with no deposit bonus forex account. NordFX

Rebate forex - is a unique opportunity to make return of the spread paid on the transactions. Is an excellent suggestion for traders trading using scalping strategy , because in this case it is necessary to open a large number of transactions in a single day. In the trading uses the maximum available leverage, which significantly increases the total volume of trade. There are two variants o

Trade currency can both independently and using asset management forex brokerage companies across sites. Each of these names has advantages and disadvantages. It all depends on whether you have time for independent trade, possess any special knowledge and experience in the financial markets, what sums of funds raspolagaete.V depending on precisely this investment in trust could be your most appr

In the forex market, there are two main types of brokers that provide trading in the forex market. The first type includes brokers , directly leading trade on an exchange, yet they are called No Dealing Desk is the most viable option trading. The second type of company, called Dealing Desk (DD) in a different way by the people they are called kitchens forex brokers now such an overwhelming majo

Since his trade in the financial market should provide what are the different types of brokers, sometimes on how well you choose forex broker company and may vary according to your trading success. As it is not sad, but some brokers activities directed against the client, they get their main income when draining the deposit since being traded against the trader and not coming to the market directl

Trade on demo accounts is not only free opportunity to try their hand at working on forex, but also the opportunity to earn real money by taking part in competitions on the forex demo accounts. And the prize are quite real tools that you can use on your own - cashed or real account to trade the forex market. Competition on a demo account from the company RoboForex. Held regula

Dealing Desk - is a system of forex trading or other financial market, the broker trading on such a system, exposes its own orders against their investors and receives his income in case of loss of the client. In fact Dealing Desk is a game with only one goal broker company is doing its best to interfere with the client arrived, yet these companies are referred to as forex kitchen for not conscien

No Dealing Desk (trade without intermediary) - represents the best option trading in the currency market if the forex broker uses the service delivery system, his client has direct access to the currency market, without the use of intermediaries dealing desk. Trading on the system avoids delays in the execution of orders and more responsive to all of exchange rate changes. This is the most

Straight Through Processing (STP) - the system of the trade in which transactions occur with little or no use of intermediaries. It falls into the category of so-called operations No Dealing Desk , in which case the broker does not interfere with the customer's operation, but simply passes them to fulfill its counterpart in the forex market (or other financial market). The main partners

About investing in the Forex Long since sunk into oblivion stockings with banknotes under our quilts. Now we keep money in banks, enjoying the promised 7-, 8 and even 10 percent per annum. We do not want to think that all this income eats inflation : how many earned - on so much and have grown over the year prices. What do we do with our blood, earned? How to dispose of them to leave be

Trading in ECN - this new trend services offered by different companies, DC and brokers . It has many different advantages to the trader, but sometimes there are hitches related to the execution of warrants at a price which seems to be not in the terminal. The reason - the snapshots of quotations. So, in the ECN quotes are snapshots. Snapshot - this slice of the market, quotes system at any gi

As is known, the Islamic world lives according to their own laws and principles that every Muslim is obliged to rigorously observe and honor. Not to mention the way of domestic and religious believers bans Sharia, known as "Haram" and make their own adjustments to the economic sphere of life. Исламские счета на форекс Economic constraints of the Islamic wor

On the Forex market as an investment trust management accounts are very popular and in demand, because not all people who are ready to invest in the foreign exchange market, have sufficient knowledge, experience and time to purchase them. Many Forex forums can be found participants in search of a talented manager, with whom they are ready to sign a partnership agreement. Of course, such is the d

Forex market is an OTC and is based on the free convertibility of currencies, therefore characterized by a fairly high degree of government interference and lack of meticulous control of the officials. Nevertheless, total anarchy in the foreign exchange market is not observed, and it is a merit Forex regulators. Regulators Forex England: FSA For example, in these financially powe

Once want to try your hand at Forex, people should rather common scenario. Acquainted with the subject of interest to him, lost in theory, he will soon require dating in practice. In such cases, for beginners who do not have substantial capital or do not want to risk a descent, and created a demo forex account and cent. Центовый Форекс счет About the appropriat

The first electronic trading network ECN (Electronic Communication Network) appeared in California in 1999 and was called Currenex. This brand is well known to many traders: the system and today is a leading niche ECN. For more than ten years of its existence, the technology has attracted millions of users and was the next step in the evolution of the market trading of currencies. ecn ф

Anyway, anyone faced with a real account on the Forex market , thought the question: "How to choose a forex broker?". How not to make a mistake that will cost not only profits and elapsed time, but sometimes the initial deposit. How to choose such a forex broker that will not be a barrier to regular earnings in trading, and become a friend, and colleague support, which is pleasant to work?

Forex brokers - a very controversial phenomenon. Many passionately argue that all brokers are liars and cheats, but most still use the services of forex brokers. In this article I will give my opinion and experience. Брокеры форекс - три лучших. Broker - is it? Forex broker - the main figure in the currency market. Imagine for a moment: No brokers ... So

Overview of affiliate programs - what kinds of affiliate forex exist with which broker can and should work, but with some not even worth the bother. So imagine you a little overview of affiliate programs in Forex. Start with a simple and well-known, and most sweet (in my opinion) leave for dessert. To date, almost all forex brokers offer all interested persons to earn advertising their ser

International Association of Forex Traders (IAFT) - «Traders Union» - provides its members the most favorable and comfortable conditions for trading in the Forex market. Traders Union cares about the full protection of its members - both informational and legal. Organization Traders Union - the first official International Association of Forex Traders registered in Russia. Traders Union

More recently, a man who decided to increase their accumulation was limited to insignificant choice. You could buy anything that subsequently rise in price, or put money "on the book" under the scanty interest. These options were too long-term and did not bring tangible profits. In today's world, everything changed. There are possibilities of investments in various funds, in construction, even

Before you start trading currencies need to choose a broker. And who is a broker? Simply put, the broker - a person or company who executes orders to buy / sell on the customer's instructions. Any broker earns a commission or a spread for services rendered. One can come to confusion, watching the huge number of brokers offering their services. Before you enter into a contract with a broker,

Can I become a qualified currency trader, without leaving home? Yes, anyone with a desire to succeed, is able to get home all the skills necessary for successful trading Forex exchange. Proof of this is the famous group of traders "Turtles", which for four years has earned over $ 100 million. Group was recruited Richard Dennis of ordinary people who had never done business with the exchanges.

Become a trader and earn a price changes in financial markets - not a bad idea. Securities transactions on the U.S. stock market, as well as in other financial markets, the rich did a lot of people are serious about this hard, high-risk business. The market can not achieve success without the ability to make different decisions carefully, without complying with the rules of risk management.

You - ambitious forex trader, ready to conquer the rebellious Forex market, however, remained one more detail - pick a Forex broker. Forex success depends on the conditions, which provides broker and as he observes them. After all, it is no secret that a huge amount divorced phony companies willing supposedly provide you with access to the market. When choosing a Forex br

I once worked at a major investment bank in Sydney - dealer to receive customer orders on Forex from 2003 to 2004 ... It is no secret that this is the lowest rank of the dealer, but given the fact that I was then 18 years old, it was the affiliate program from my University - is not so bad. I worked side by side with the best Forex traders country, they turn their millions and te

As is known, the average trading volume in the international currency market is more than $ 4 trillion. $ Per day, making it the largest financial market in the world. Since there is no centralized location of any trade currency pairs, traders should choose the forex broker for trading. Today there are a huge number of forex brokers, which is constantly increasing, and the need to make the right choice

In this article, I will not tell you about dealing "kitchen", it is written enough, and even more about frauds and other negative aspects of the Internet and the forex market in particular. Today I will talk about how to choose a broker Forex, and which features and nuances should pay attention to. Why this should be done, or not done at all everyone decides for himself. I can only give my co

frontstocks reviewed or how to make a goodwill of a broker or forex dealing center. It's no secret that one of the main factors in choosing a trader forex broker or dealing center is the reputation of one or another firm, and in order to learn the truth, or at least an approximate picture of many of us start looking for information on the Internet. The method is simple, the name of the dealing

To date, Internet space just filled with all sorts of brokers and dealing centers ... service providers access to the world currency market. It is difficult to understand even an experienced trader, is not that novice. What you should pay attention before you start cooperation with the dealing center. Range of trading instruments Particular attention should be

Dealing centers and forex brokers do not tire to invent new ways to introduce traders slight misconception. Writing positive reviews and creation of sites reviews about themselves - this is yesterday. Now websites about forex auto attacking reviews (ie reviews about themselves) a new format. Lime comes thankful user to the site with reviews, for example, such as this, and says somethi

Forex speculators determine the best ECN broker on the planet at the end of the article, you will learn what kind of company. It is no secret that the work on the financial market using Forex ECN brokers opportunities - is a rapidly growing niche brokerage services worldwide. Moreover, according to statistics system ECN, thanks absolute transparency is the "decent" and easy

Now the network has a mass of so-called rebate services that promise to refund traders spread and increase profits in forex. Advertising beautiful - refund 70, 80 and even 90% percent of the spread. Recall that the spread - the difference between the most favorable bid and ask prices at any given time for a specific currency. Most often, forex brokers make it a spread, ie the spread -

Recently in RuNet observed a trend that brokers began to make specialized sites with reviews about themselves ... It is no secret that the Internet can find a lot of comments about any broker or forex dealing center, both positive and negative. It is clear that such comments reads a lot of people, making conclusions, and take on the basis of these reviews, solutions, open an account in o

In June 2011, a new organization for the regulation of relations in the forex market and the stock markets. Now all forex have to count on high-quality services, and forex brokers and dealing centers can declare themselves as decent and honest company. So, the center of regulation of relations in the financial markets, abbreviated as FMRRC. It is an independent autonomous in

Exchange of signals - these are special sites that supply forex signals in the online ... for speculators trading in actual accounts, exchange or testing on a demo account. Most often, such exchanges offer the possibility of the transactions automatically using specialized programs on your or somebody else's forex signals. In other words, the role of the speculator reduced to alm

If your deposit is well established, it could be a lure for your dealing center as a forex broker or DC can work against you? Know any dealing center knows all your posture, moreover, DC and knows the value of your deposit, and information on all your poses, including exposed protective orders. Hence, there is a temptation sometimes to simulate market activity that touc

Of course, not all forex brokers are equally useful for a trader, some cheating traders. Not all forex brokers are certainly deceiving, but if the dealer wants Trader "throw" it easily it can do. It's all boils down to whether he wants your dealer (broker forex) trader cheat or did not. There is one simple method when you work against the total position traders, by low-

Speaking of intermediaries in the stock market, we note that most of the financial institutions are working there just as brokers. Note that for most small investors and average investors in the stock market conditions are a little different. If you are a trader and you have a small capital, the most likely scenario - you asked to sign a contract in which you will provide brokerage s

To obtain a license Broker Forex, you need to decide on the jurisdiction, the regulatory requirements that would meet your needs and possibilities. Finding the right jurisdiction for you, you can proceed to the establishment process of your brokerage firm. Here it should be borne in mind that the papers necessary for registration of a broker, must be made in accordance with the regul

Do not think that this article is a dig at all dealing centers, forex ... To begin with, it's not that bad a dealing center, and the other - well, that one is cheating, and the other - no, that one dealing center interested to trader merged their deposit and the other not. If you know the scheme by which DC a profit, then you know that it is through this scheme, almost eve

If we talk about finance, in any market intermediary through whom you execute a trade, can act as a broker and dealer trading. At first glance it may seem that between brokers and dealers Forex makes no difference. But in reality, the broker and the dealer - it's not the same. And every trader should be aware of this. How does Forex dealer Dealer acts enti

Talk about forex brokers in Russia, the difficulties which may stumble trader from Russia. Revenues Russian dealing centers, despite the crisis, it is very decent, and it creates a serious competition between the offices in Russia, covering online today. Every week there are new DC Forex and each strives to create the best conditions for trading, today in 2011 the competition between

I had the honor to talk with one of the workers forex dealing center, which by the time of our conversation has already resigned. After drinking a few beers, he opened the heart at the expense of his former job in dealing center. And I must admit that I was very surprised, the information that I learned was to me, in a sense, shocking, I think, it is of interest to yo

We understand that your former broker Forex market-making type may be outdated and not so ... Starting articles ECN brokers and market makers who choose? It is true that many of this type of Forex brokers have features that are very good and advantage for green traders with modest financial means. Many market-makers ensure that no negative balance. Besides, do not look

In this article we will talk about how to open your forex dealing center. To open a forex dealing center to do several consecutive steps. For starters, you need to find out how business brokers Forex analyze all stages of development of their unborn dealing center. Need to formulate your main advantage over other forex dealing centers and decide how you will promote yo

When Forex trader clicks on the button "sell" or "buy", it contains the expectation that he believes should happen now ... When it turns out that the trader pulls his money, and it is not what he expected - in my head thinking, "What is it? They threw me brokers bastards!". Probably all been in this situation, who once who more who constantly. And then what? you

ECN Forex brokers and market-makers - this topic is being discussed as experienced players Forex traders and green. We want to know the truth, any trader must understand the differences and identify their needs. This article is about the ECN brokers and market-makers of tell you about the real experience with views of brokers to save you hours of searching, reading, trial and error. A

Small Forex brokers have a small customer base ... So they know all their traders by name, even when you have a birthday, staff and clients are added personal relationships. As a result, any attempt to fulfill your request, to the point that will send SMS to a mobile phone in an urgent situation in the Forex market or specifically stipulated time. You simply

Yes, the broker is often a key figure for the investor and for the most Forex trader. In brokerage trading account you open, and through it will make foreign exchange transactions in the market Forex, CFD and Futures. Who is a broker and what it does? Broker (born broker) - is a mediator at the conclusion of various transactions. In order to proceed with the

Electronic Communication Network (ECN) - an electronic system organization OTC financial instruments and it is not a secret. ECN - a system that allows remote interaction between bulls and bears and fast selection and execution matched counter orders. Applications must be matched by price and volume. Large ECN, linking not only banks - is Currenex, Lava FX, FX Connect, FX

Talk about Forex Broker of the last century ... Before the advent of the financial world of computer technology, Forex brokers provide services for buyers and sellers note currency, besides holding provided between exchange. Place a Forex broker was like a negotiating point with a microphone and a telephone. Forex broker was equipped with direct communication channels with

In February 2010, the Federal Service for Financial Markets has made on its web-site page, where you can find information about brokers, which are limited in the actions. Organizations that fall into the black list brokers suspected of transactions that fall under the law on countering legalization of proceeds from crime. FFMS may send an order to ban or restriction of individual trans

This technology of Forex brokers is based on the premise ... "For DC or broker is not able, or not wanting to use technology as a major brokerage, clients are the basis of income loss." Transaction traders fully completed during a single trading day often do not bring any Forex broker large profits or large losses. In general, these transactions bring a small profit, f

One of the key factors when choosing a Forex broker - is the size of the company, whether the broker works for a long time on the market and what guarantees the safety of the account you are offered. In Russia there are only two types of firms that provide the ability to work legally in the Forex market. We are talking about Russian banks that have foreign exchange license of the Ce

Recently, many Forex brokers use an interesting technique to raise funds for the banners of their companies. Many brokers Forex traders began to teach, after several months of training broker gives a diploma and offers a "search of the investor", that is the customer who will give their money to the newly formed management control. Some forex dealing centers present even ex

Features of this technology brokers are known to every trader, but will discuss its nuances. Brokers - this overlap of all transactions at the time of customers. Brokerage profitable, that is profitable for forex broker only at relatively large number of active clients. The dictionary defines the word brokerage - an economic fee or commission paid to a broker for services.

In a Forex broker that provides access to the market Forex, there is only one opportunity to make a profit - taking the spread of transactions traders. Thinking of you already know that Forex brokers (dealing centers) set for us a higher rate than the one on which he broker buys and sells currency from external organizations. It should be noted that in most cases the difference is

Any broker or forex dealing center has its own pattern of behavior on the market mid-static trader. It is from this stereotype and affect how the broker or dealing center disposes of your positions - displays (or does not lead) to an external market for maximum efficiency and minimize risks. So, talk about the technology of dealing centers (Forex Brokers) called "Kitchen".

The accepted standard of the trading terminal for Forex brokers are ... First - is the provision of a free demo account trader of forex broker, because the opportunity to train on real bank notes are not very important. In addition, you can always test your Forex strategy in such account. Most Forex brokers today offer demo accounts for customers. Secondly, the importan

Recruits market when choosing a Forex broker first draw attention to such a value as the spread. Brokers and dealing centers Forex traders are attracted to the bright advertising style: "... we offer followed by a list of currency pairs ... spread from one point and below." Spread or spread (from the English. Spread) - the difference between the best buying prices (bid) and

Alas, having a license and accountability regulators not a total assurance of the safety of your investment. But in any case, it's obvious advantage in choosing a Forex broker. The thing is that at the licensing stage clipped explicit rogues, because the broker must disclose the state of their respective owners. And also, to submit documents, bylaws and financial statements. Special b

Many Forex brokers now offers investment services such as PAMM-account (PAMM), let's look at what it is and what it eats ... So PAMM account - a trading account, consisting of one or a group of managed accounts is a single trading system, which trades on the market only His Majesty Managing the account's. Any set of Managed accounts within a PAMM-account trading platform wa

All known tricks and fraud brokers and dealing centers Forex apply only when they have little trading clients. If large amounts of Forex broker for active traders, then his job, he will likely organized as follows. Broker keeps track of the accumulated multi-currency position throughout the grounds, each individual position of each particular trader in this case is not

In this article we will give specific recommendations on the selection of brokers, called specific names, the final decision is still to take you. Choose Forex Brokers NordFx or InstaForex - If you care about the simplicity of the registration process and I / O funds. These brokers have no paperwork, no need original documents and even scans. Choose Forex Brokers Alpari o

Today, many Forex brokers offer to open a cent account .... Made it easier to trade when the Forex market there is such a service, because each student can now afford to trade in the market. What exactly is a cent account? Trader is given the opportunity to trade on Forex, but your score will not be in dollars and cents. First - the necessary capital to start work on Forex is markedly r

ECN - is an abbreviation for "Electronic Communications Network", which means in English as "Electronic trading systems." ECN Forex brokers offer traders the opportunity to interact with orders orders of other traders. ECN Forex brokers provide a marketplace where all participants in the process - banks, market participants and traders - trade against each other by offer

In our country, a model of reliability in the market are solid Western Forex brokers. Major Forex traders, investors prefer them. And why - for security reasons, and those priorities are largely due to psychological aspects. Traditionally, all Western, be it clothes, car or Forex broker - it seems to us, which existed for many years behind the "Iron Curtain", bette

Presence licenses and accountability to regulators, government or industry - it is a serious plus in choosing a Forex broker in Russia. The licensing process reveals obvious scams. Forex Dealing center must disclose to the state of their respective owners, present regulations, accounting records. Moreover, regulators control the operational and financial performance of brokers.

In this article I will tell you about the kinds of fraud in the Forex market (FOREX), and ways to combat these types of fraud in the market FOREX (FOREX). In addition to this article goes black list brokers, dealing centers (DC), and other organizations and companies engaged in fraud in the market FOREX (Foreign Exchange) on the Internet. If you carefully read this article about the fraud in the Forex m

Which forex broker to choose? In this article we will talk about what forex broker to choose. Since such a lot, you can see this by typing in a search engine similar request. And among them are those: 1. Who have not managed to establish itself. 2. Who do not have adequate tools for comfortable work on Forex. 3. Who does not have a fiduciary, ie P

customers, opening small volume deposits within a few hundred U.S. dollars (about 60% of customers open accounts for no more than $ 1 million). Such investment operations because of its fractional mass and usually never taken into account, except in the internal management reporting brokers, and sometimes even bypass the system of bank transfers in Russia. Customers prefer to use the services of s

Yes, the broker is often a key figure for the investor and for the most Forex trader. In brokerage trading account you open, and through it will make foreign exchange transactions in the market Forex, CFD and Futures. Who is a broker and what it does? Broker (born broker) - is a mediator at the conclusion of various transactions. In order to proceed with the investment neces

Brokerage license - one of the most important evaluation criteria when selecting DC and forex broker , as shows which of the regulators of checking the quality of the brokerage company dealing forex. What difficulties for traders in forex trading? 1. Regulators issuing brokerage licenses in the world and a huge amount of difference between them is huge and principled. Acco

Today, you can often find mention of the rebate-services, which are considered as a source of additional income that can be a novice trader serious tool for trading on the market. Rebate service (from the English. Rebate - «discount") - an organization on return of the partnership interest. Such organizations have appeared due to this need for new and unique projects that would highligh

Before each trader sooner or later faced with a choice forex broker. Something on this subject I have written articles Brokers FOREX market. How to choose? , As I began to work with FOREX MMCIS Group . Beginners and professional traders have different requirements when choosing a dealing center. This is primarily due to the amount of the deposit, which each operates and what kind of tra

Who are the brokers and dealing centers, what similarities and differences. Broker is a member of the sales process, which is the link between the trader and the financial market. Broker takes orders the client, so the quality of his work (speed of execution of orders and quotes broadcast quality) depends and customer income. Dealing center - almost the same broker, but no opportu

One of the most frequently encountered concepts with currency trading is "forex broker." In this article we take a closer look, who is a Forex broker and what are its main function in the Forex market. In the first place, it is necessary to clarify who a broker at all. At its core, the broker - a person who acts as an intermediary between buyers and sellers. Broker is not necessarily a p

If you want to earn money, then you need to learn about the activities of Forex broekrov. On the financial well-being thinking people of any age, any profession. Indeed, sometimes the salary is not enough for the essentials. Yes, and requests every year becomes more and more. And want to have an apartment and a car ride with the family on a vacation. However, to save does not always work. After a

Dear traders, especially beginners ... Today I want to talk about a very important topic in the learning process, namely the preservation of capital in the beginning of your career trader! Preservation of capital - it is very important psychologically for you personally, and of course financially - to lose money, nobody wants ... In today's environment of learning in the fore

Three decades ago the first historian Yuri Sorokin wrote: "Changes in the style of language and style of speech associated with a change in the composition of a linguistic community, with a change in its social nature, with an extension inside the new influential groups ..." (Sorokin Yu C. Development of the vocabulary of the Russian literary language. 30-90th. XIX century. Leningrad, 1965. pp.

For a beginner forex trader after deciding to try his hand in the foreign exchange market, there remains one obstacle is the right choice of a reliable broker. And so let's look at what the broker choose to work with real money on the forex market. Since the forex industry is developing seven-mile steps, people learn to be interested, try to trade, but how do you know if there is demand,

Rating below your attention given the best foreign forex brokers. In this table, there are companies that have offices or representative offices abroad. In particular, in the U.S. or the euro area, ie, in those countries where there is a tough settlement and where to engage in fraudulent activity is much harder than in the CIS countries. Besides, we have selected only those companies that have pas

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